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I plugged 2 Neova Hubs, but I can only use one!

* Only one HUB can be used at the time. If you plug 2 HUBs, only the former can be used. * The Dashboard will alert you tell you the steps to follow: unplug both HUBs and plug back the one you want to use.

Can I use my MIDI synthesizer directly with Neova?

You can directly connect the hub to your synthesizer using MIDI, as long as your synthetiser is MIDI compliant and has a MIDI input.

My synthesizer doesn’t receive MIDI from Neova!

Make sure you use the Enhancia’s MIDI to Jack adaptor. Some cables do not follow the standard MIDI norm and may not work. Make sure the MIDI channel for your current gesture bank is the one expected by the synthesizer. MIDI Channel 1 is the one most instruments expect but it may vary in specific cases. Make sure the…

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