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Introduce the SHIFT button

This is the SHIFT button, it is used for several things: * Single press: it’s pause or unpause the Neova * Single press and hold: you can change the gesture bank, while holding the SHIFT button, you can press the other button to select another bank. The Hub stores 4 gesture banks and each holds up to 4 gestures.…

Did you know what's indicate colored LED on the hub?

**NORMAL MODE: FULL COLOR LED** Here is the normal mode, each color represent a dedicated gesture: ![][1] _Gestures color_ You can mute or unmute each one of them by clicking on the corresponding button. ![][2] _Normal Mode_ **CONNECTION LOST: WHITE LED BLINK** There is no more communication between the hub and …

How long can the Neova HUB and Ring be moved apart from each other?

The Neova HUB and Ring should not be moved more than 5 meters (around 16 feet) apart from each other. You may experience a connection loss if they are moved further apart. If so, moving them closer will let them reconnect.

My Neova Ring is not connected, even when close to the Neova Hub

Make sure your Neova Ring’s battery is not empty, by charging it with the HUB for a couple minutes. Make sure your Neova Ring is not asleep. The Ring falls asleep when it sits still for a few minutes and the HUB is disconnected. To wake up the Ring, move it sharply, or put it on the HUB’s charging station.

How do I charge my Neova?

The Hub integrates a dedicated docking support to charge the ring.

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